Thursday, 13 January 2011

The song of seven Xs

I bring here the song of my seven ex-s,
that must raise some eye brows.
Let me not waste your time anymore,
This is how the story goes...

The first thought I needed anger management,
While my second girl was way too huge.
I realised I lacked the nice guy element,
When they all said I was a douche.

The third left me for a richer guy
The fourth for a less arrogant one
The fifth left for a meatier man,
By then, I knew I was nearly done!

Finally number six, came walking into my life,
she was a real keeper, the kind to take home to mum,
But one issue came up too many times, ending in a strife,
She was pissed that I knew too many girls and boys she knew none.

And Im confused whether to smile or frown,
when my roomie walks into my room - in vain,
Kicks me hard in the shins and says-
"Wake up, you are dreaming of girls once more, we will be late for work, again"

This might have been just a song and nothing more to read,
but I put a question to you now, its answer will I need,
What would my seventh girl leave me for, how will it all bleed?
The hint for the riddle plainly lies in the word 'seven' indeed!


Iceman said...

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Kavya said...

Naice! :P
I'm sure few of them will think this is also true ! :D

Silverstreak said...

Liking the new masthead! :)

Iceman said...

@Kavya, this also? :-/

Anyway, Ive mentioned its only a dream :P So they won't think so.

Hopefully they figure out that I'm actually stating a simple riddle.

@Silverstreak Masthead mast hain na? ;)


Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting. :)

Iceman said...

Nobody gonna even try? Man! This was such a flop show. I thought everyone will get the answer.

Anusha said...

Taking a wild wild guess.

You say the answer is in the word 'Seven'.
Seven, inverted is neves. Neve means ice, tip of glacier.. so lemme just stick to ice.

So, youre girl would leave you for Ice? Iceman ? Hmmm......

Dont publish this if its wrong :P

Namratha said...!

7th girl will leave u coz ur a slot?

Very smart! is tht y sid is there?

Iceman said...

@Anush Thats some thinking, but its wrong.

@Namratha Eggjactly!

Namratha said...

Yay......I got it right! :P

Iceman said...

ismart girl