Thursday, 13 January 2011

The song of seven Xs

I bring here the song of my seven ex-s,
that must raise some eye brows.
Let me not waste your time anymore,
This is how the story goes...

The first thought I needed anger management,
While my second girl was way too huge.
I realised I lacked the nice guy element,
When they all said I was a douche.

The third left me for a richer guy
The fourth for a less arrogant one
The fifth left for a meatier man,
By then, I knew I was nearly done!

Finally number six, came walking into my life,
she was a real keeper, the kind to take home to mum,
But one issue came up too many times, ending in a strife,
She was pissed that I knew too many girls and boys she knew none.

And Im confused whether to smile or frown,
when my roomie walks into my room - in vain,
Kicks me hard in the shins and says-
"Wake up, you are dreaming of girls once more, we will be late for work, again"

This might have been just a song and nothing more to read,
but I put a question to you now, its answer will I need,
What would my seventh girl leave me for, how will it all bleed?
The hint for the riddle plainly lies in the word 'seven' indeed!


  1. Naice! :P
    I'm sure few of them will think this is also true ! :D

  2. @Kavya, this also? :-/

    Anyway, Ive mentioned its only a dream :P So they won't think so.

    Hopefully they figure out that I'm actually stating a simple riddle.

    @Silverstreak Masthead mast hain na? ;)


  3. Nobody gonna even try? Man! This was such a flop show. I thought everyone will get the answer.


    7th girl will leave u coz ur a slot?

    Very smart! is tht y sid is there?

  5. @Anush Thats some thinking, but its wrong.

    @Namratha Eggjactly!

  6. Yay......I got it right! :P