Friday, 25 February 2011

Forget IP Addresses, the world is running outta decent names

An Egyptian couple reportedly named their new born daughter 'Facebook'.
Their neighbours, not to be left behind decided to name their yet-to-be born daughter as ‘Diaspora’ but all they had was a still-born.

A little known fact about that Egyptian couple is that they also had a son named 'Myspace' but he was lost in some stormy weather a few years ago during a pilgrimage (Kumbh-ka-mela of sorts) and hasn’t been found ever since. They have stopped searching.

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My heart goes to the daughter by the way. Imagine growing up into a teenager and realizing that their parents were dull enough to be over-awed by a social networking site, so much so that they thought they could name their daughter after it. It might be The social networking site at the moment, but just a social networking site nevertheless. I gotta say that they are easily impressed. Either that or:

1) They are the biggest geeks ever to walk the face of the earth who also happen to speak fluent Quenya (High-elf).

Mom: I still think ‘Twitter’ sounded better!

2) Lots and lots of tequila, lime and salt during the naming ceremony

“I here-by name my daughter Fauzia Begum, no wait, make that FaceBook, sounds so much cooler”

3) The Egyptian society is still stuck in the Stone Age and they hate their girl child to the bone.

“Girl child...bad! Me Give stupid name!”

4) Mubarak’s men dealt a really serious blow to their heads during the revolution.

If you still don’t get why I feel for the child, let me put you in her shoes. Imagine you were born when India gained independence and your parents decided to christen you ‘All India Radio’. (Or even better, you were born during The American revolution in 1700s and your parents named you 'Horse'). You wouldn’t exactly be the most popular kid in school mate.


  1. Lets just hope there are a lot of 'facebooks' running around her when she is older. ;)

  2. @Namratha and Swapna

    Thnx guys.

    @Swapna long time yaar.

  3. This is like the 'Orkut' story, in reverse!! :D

  4. Orkut? Doesn't ring a bell ;)

  5. LOL ! .. your patience/ passion to find those really cute pics to go with what u r saying and then those comments .. my god :) .. lovely ..

  6. @Kaaaaavya
    Hehe..I don't remember if I was very patient searching for em.