Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy V Day

Those of you, like me, whose inhibitions prevent you from taking a plunge into the water..too sad you ain't part of the 12000 crore industry ;)

As for me, yesterday, my cousin got married (speak about timing), and my four aunts were hellishly busy combing the entire wedding hall for a cute chick for me. And I was the good cousin (as always) helping with and running around for the arrangements. Now I have showed up at office with drowsy eyes and a million aching muscles.

And oh, my aunts were unsuccessful. Cheers!


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you too !!

    So what if this wedding's over, i bet there will be more to come. Else you can gatecrash a few weddings in the quest for your maiden ;)

  2. Weddings really seem to be a bad hunting ground because everybody is in their best behavior. (I should know :P)

  3. cute chick ?.. Damn lucky you :P ..

    For all my cousins the hunt was on, for always the homely girl with values. These things came way way much before the looks.

  4. Actually, if you look at weddings, all girls seem homely etc,. etc,. So those criterias seem to be automatically satisfied.