Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Alien carcuss? Are you kiddin me?

Here is the video that went berserk on the net a few days back. You might wanna disable the annotation thingies cause they are annoying.

Let us get once thing clear, I am very interested in this Alien stuff and about search for new worlds out there. It might be easy to slip a hoax past a believer in aliens(which I am not), but is it so difficult to make out that this ain't real?

- The 'carcuss' is very real looking.
- It happened just after a UFO crash.
- Shot very close to the area with UFO sightings.

Those are the only things that add up. What doesn't add up is the fact that it was in a deserted place in Serbia where there were no other witnesses.

Let's assume these guys wanted to be popular, but let us also assume they are telling the truth, that there WAS a real dead alien they found. Also assuming that they were smart, what else would they have done?
They would have shot a careful video of the alien and posted it on Youtube to gain instant fame? Check.

Then, while one guards the body, the other goes back to civilization, alerts the media asking them to witness their discoveries before the officials show up and then alert the authorities so that the discovery goes down as 'official'. Unchecked Unchecked Unchecked.

So long suckers! Better luck next time.

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  1. Oh dear...I can't die like this. Quick, anybody knows where Cherryl Cole lives?