Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Earth day

Now I know you guys want nothing to do with Earth day any more unless there is a perverted joke to go with it, but I'll try to wish you without a perverted joke anyway ;)

Happy Earth day!

See that wasn't so tough? Now go plant a tree...or should I say, at least for today, don't cut a tree?

Image from last blog. What would this place be without a tree?
(Earth day is not just about trees. But it is a lot about it too.)

Anyway, here are three stories to share which is related to the topic. And the third one is very very recent.

1) I don't like what the world has come to when it comes to ecology. I once lived in a house which had the landlords in the same building. Their daughter had scored good marks in science writing about how trees maintain the ecosystem, how they prevent global warming, about how they reduce the carbon foot print...and at the end of the day, she wanted all the trees inside our building cut down because it was too "shady" and "foresty" and ultimately had her way cause her folks agreed. I could understand her mum and dad being dim-witted morons, but at least she was educated with science. Guess we have to change the definition of education.

2) The last house I lived was a bigger nightmare. I had to get into loud mouthed fight with aunties who wanted the trees in my house cut. All because dry leaves would fall into their compound. And somehow it was ok for their plastic waste to fly into ours. Not withstanding the god-forbidden uncultured women, we did have the trees cut, but not until I had cursed their entire bloodline to rot in hell without a drop of water.

3) I was sitting at lunch, the day before yesterday afternoon when I saw these two people sitting at the table opposite me with a board that said 'Celebrate Earth day - Plant a tree.' and the rest of the print was kinda finer so I kept squinting to check what it was. They were a boy and a girl who seemed completely uninterested in attracting a crowd at all. If there was anything they were interested in, it was each other. They looked more like the kind who get into all this social causes and charity shit so that they can add something on their resume or tell their uncles and aunties about how good a job they are doing in their free time, or brag about it on Facebook or some nonsense like that.. They had a few pamphlets to give away and be on their way perhaps. As I kept squinting and reading the board, I could make out that they were asking for 99 bucks to plant a tree somewhere and promised to take care of it for 10 years. Suddenly they both got up and the girl went away towards the lunch counter and the boy came straight towards me. He was about 5 feet high with spikes that were crying out loud "I'm a kool dude...I swear!". I figured that he was coming to ask me if I was interested. And I was, all I had to do was go to the ATM. In fact I was wondering if I should pay for at least 3 trees, when he stopped, bent towards me and whispered in my ear

"If you stare at my girlfriend again, I will beat you up!"

I couldn't help laughing at the comedy of it all. I just giggled at him and said "Ok sir". I wonder if they would have got some sort of credit for getting some trees sponsored. Damn!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I'm just glad I have planted a few trees when I could. Not necessarily on Earth day. Because its legal to plant one on any day of the year you know, you just got to get your ass out and plant one. However, the last few saplings I planted seems to have withered away and the area I am in now has enough trees wherever they can be planted. But for places where they aren't, need to find a system to make it stick. Anybody got ideas?


  1. Guess you love this picture :P. couldn't help noticing :P

    haappy earth day! :)

  2. Looks like Mother Earth decided to skip receiving gifts, and bought herself an early summer shower.

  3. summer shower ain't early as long as its in summer girl. And I'm lovin it!!

  4. Yep. Me loving it, you loving it, Mother Earth loving. Everyone, except the guys who have to fix the potholes!

  5. I can't believe that sign guy! What a fucking idiot! You would think people holding signs would expect to be stared at... that's kind of the point. I don't know how to handle aggressive people like that, which is why I avoid anyone who drinks. Drunk people scare the hell out of me. I think you handled it well, though. Saying anything else would have just caused more drama.

    Oh yeah, and hooray for trees of course! ^.^

  6. Yeah...there would have been some shouting and shoving at most. But still, at my workplace, that's really nerve racking. Very weak hearted people there.