Sunday, 24 April 2011


"Soldier! Take off your helmet and tell me your name..."
My name is Maximus Decimus Sarcasmacus.

Son to- a mom who thinks I should be dating like a spoilt rich teen and a dad who thinks I should be drinking like one,

Befriended by the most forgiving souls in the world, who can put with all my shit even after all these years, and never once say 'I don't even know who you are any more' no matter how many times they discover something new about me.

Master to one naughty dog, who thinks I'm the best human in the world and will love me unquestionably even if I suddenly shout in his ears to startle him when he is deep in sleep, every single day,

Owner of a hard drive that has the most awesomest collection of Music and Movies, enough to last me way beyond retirement even if I watch three good movies a day...

...and I shall continue to have my kick ass life!


  1. ur ma is ossum...ur dad is ossume...ur pals r ossum...ur doggy is ossum...ur movi collection is short U R AWESOME! :)

    does ur dad really say u shud be drinkin?

  2. Sounds like a 'Happy Birthday to myself' post :P

  3. @Namratha Thank you. You are an awesome reader too.

    @Anush That sounds like a happy bday to you comment

  4. @Namratha
    Yeah, he does say that. Every single weekend, to every single person who visits :D