Saturday, 2 April 2011

The world cup - Before the final

Like a good die hard fan, I threw a party at my place after work for both the Ind Vs Aus and the Ind Vs Pak match. It was made of the kinda stuff that gives something to look back at.

First things first, here is the absolutely hilarious photo that went viral the day after the match.

It's a marvellous piece of work. I saw pretty much half the population upload this and comment "What an angle!" "Beautiful photography", but I'm sure the rest of you with above average IQ will figure out that this has been shopped ;) But it's still shit funny eh?

We had shouted so much during and after the Aussie match the neighbours had come out and started staring at us, smoking through their ears. We were inches away from being complained about to the police.

The day before the Pak match, I was unable to sleep. I got up around 2 AM and turned on some sports channels to listen in on some discussions. I was getting pretty tense and wanted to know if there were any updates, clearly there weren't.

On the day of the toss, my tension grew when I learnt we chose to bat instead of field and also played 3 seamers on a spinners track. Turns out it worked well for us because they were trying to go after spinners. A very poor strategy from them. When Afridi was at crease I kept shouting bowl wide and stump him or even better give him a full toss, he can't hit those. Well enough, Bhajji bowled a wide, that didn't work and the next ball, he gave him a full toss which was hit high in the air. All my colleagues jumped and hugged me as I started shouting "Full toss!!!!  Full toss!!!! Full toss!!!!" even before it was caught at mid off.

Earlier in the day, the Indian batting was telecast at the cafe above my office on a giant screen and the cafe was packed with two thousand people. I picked up two empty tumblers and pulled a free table and played some good music for the entire 50 overs until my fingers became red and swollen.

After the victory, I kept wondering if the neighbours will be pissed at me again. To my surprise the whole neighbour had gone crazy. I went shouting up to the terrace only to find every other terrace in sight crowded by people. Some shouting, some bursting crackers. I started yelling at the top of my voice

"Bring on the Lankans!!  Bring-on-the-Lankans BABY!! " while doing the tapanguchi dance and out of nowhere this half naked drunk guy from the next building jumps onto my terrace and runs towards me and hugs me "Thank you man!! Thank you!! I will remember this day forever!! I love you" and I had absolutely nothing to say to him except smile helplessly. :) You can be the biggest physcho around, but even that doesn't prepare you for an emotionally-charged-half-naked drunk.

Some superstitions:
During the Aussie match
One guy forced to watch the match in the sleeping position for whole of Indian innings.
Another was forced to watch it from outside the house, through the window.
And I was asked to swear without pausing for over 15 seconds.

-- All because India lost no wickets when this combination was on.

During the Pak match
The smokers noticed that whenever someone had lit up, a Paki wicket fell. So it was decided that the smokers would take responsibility of the match on their shoulders and ensure at least one of them were lit up for the entire innings.

At home my usual superstitions revolve around me keeping my foot off the ground when the match is going on. All this is surprising because I am not a superstitious person at all, unless cricket is involved!

I'm writing this post barely moments before The Final.
Sangakkara lost the toss, but because of the noise, the coin was tossed again and he won the second time around and chose to bat, as expected. Another spin friendly track, with red soil, but no Ashwin. Nehra, hero of the semi-final has a fractured pinky. So the clown Sreesanth replaces him.

Its a small ground even by standard of the T20 era.

Either ways, we should win this one easily, despite the Lankans being in form. They haven't put up a good show in India in a loooong time. My prediction is that we should chase down whatever they set(260-280) by losing no more than 4 wickets ;)

Lets see how much of this is true in a few hours.

All the best India, bring the cup back home.


  1. I dono man....chasing 274 seems quite difficult. If we win u can replace all the babas in the world :P I can be your PR.

  2. Yappa Devruu Adbidde

  3. I hope u laid ur money on ur predictions because tats bang on

  4. man fucking creepy predictions

  5. dude..this is the best cricket post ever. i read ur post just before the match and i said to myself that this was full of i just cant believe how exact prediction is..

    awesome...hats off...

  6. damn...u deserve a lap of honor urself! ;) or maybe poonam pandey could strip for u instead :P

  7. ive been readin ur blog for years & today i live my first comment..

    iceman - u shud be on the expert panels on tv..

  8. "No more than 4 wickets." Your the next god man.
    Respected Sir,
    Since Monday is ugadi, I request you to grant 1 day leave.

    Yours sincerely, obediently,
    Freaked out Fan

  9. Ok Iceman, youre the new 'Paul' :)

  10. Talking about not being able to sleep the night before the match, that is especially true if the match starts at 4:30 AM in the morning.
    And interesting to see a spot-on prediction there.

  11. @Shilpa Granted :D

    @Kav @SGPK Yo

    @Anush I don't wanna meet his fate any time soon.

    @Yasir You seem to be deriving an exact science here :P

  12. Super Cool u are!! Great Prediction!!

  13. woah! that’s some prediction there! I think everyone is superstitious when it comes to cricket!

  14. @Malli You are supercool too :)

    @V Yo. I knew you were gonna comment :P