Sunday, 15 May 2011

The downside of 'Brutally Honest'

Apart from the obvious downsides of being brutally honest like unintentionally hurting the subject, or being hated to the core of their bones and also of being accused of enjoying the brutality more than the honesty itself, I encountered just one more of them a few months ago..
It is the fact that people are just waiting with bated breath for you to make ONE-TEENSIE-WEENSIE mistake and they all come like six-ton rugby players and jump on your ass and squish you like a rat. Then they rip off your soul with their teeth like cooked meat, then they swallow it, then they digest it and then they fart it out with no remorse!

It so happens that one of my friends bought me this really neat shirt for my B'day, last year, that says "I'm cute but psycho"

Yeah Right!!

And after a lot of thought I figured, since its a gift, I will HAVE TO wear it at least once. Especially to a place where you have new friends, since that is where me and my immaculate sense of honesty and sarcasm would have inflicted least damage - My office. Turns out it was a bad idea. Seems like I need less than a few days to "spread the joy". Here are the three things I had to hear the whole day..

They gave a loooong look at the shirt and said:

* "Haha...yes you are a psycho" (This was from the nicer guys and gals.)

* "What were you thinking when you bought that?"  (Some of them)

* " are not cute" (Rest of them)

Unfortunately, they didn't even come close to being as cool as me when they are delivering 'Brutally honest'. If someone had an ugly-ass face and if I were to catch that someone wearing that shirt here is what I would say:

* "Haha cute? Then I'm Pippa Middleton"

* "I'm lost me at cute"

* "What did the shopkeeper say when he saw you pick this shirt?"

* "I agree with your shirt, it IS kinda cute."

Me:  "Hey you are not just cute, you are God Damn Haawt and sizzling sexy. Your booty shivers me timbers"
UglyAssFace: "Haha..come on, are you kidding?"
Me: "Yes, but you started it."

LOSERS! They get one chance and they mess it up. Shut up, sit tight and let the pros do their thing! These guys need a role model.


  1. I have learned the hard way that one can be honest without hurting egos and it actually is more effective than being up front with what we think by leaving bruised egos. Just that it needs more creativity.

    I don't get it when some people praise the art of being brutally honest without caring about what others think. I do think we should always care about how we make others feel.

  2. *snore*

    I'm sorry you lost me at "I".

    Looks like you are taking things way too seriously for a blog named Insanity Unlimited!!!

  3. Sigh :( I was making a general comment that we have to avoid hurting others' egos. It wasn't upon this post.

  4. Hehe...chill yo! I would have said I agree..but where is the fun in saying that? ;)