Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Ten commandments for every Indian going abroad

With apologies to people who feel they have been doing this and thus feel very offended, hurt, blah blah...

The Ten commandments

1) Thou shall update your on line status to "Homesick :(" minutes after landing.

2) Thou shall finally upload a decent picture of yourself, taken abroad.

3) Thou shall attempt to get laid.

4) Thou shall bombard us with updates of every monument you visited abroad, even if you couldn't care less about Indian history and its historical places.

5) Thou shall immediately move people from 'friends' list to the 'acquaintance' list.

6) Thou shall not reply to pings from 'those Indians'.

7) Thou shall post jokes/comments specific to a small group of people.

8) Thou shall talk about how deep you are and how things have changed inside you or remained the same.

9) Thou shall make it a point to repeatedly tell us about how patriotic you are and how you want to do 'something' for your country!

And finally instead of focussing on your studies/job..

10) Thou shall be frustrated to the point of suicide when you find out, that the world doesn't-really-care!!


  1. Oh damn! I really thought putting up pics with all the whites would make so cool yo!


    Admit it, you are just jealous you don’t have pictures with hot firangis!


  2. You have made me realise my inner desire!! Im putting on a yellow hat and getting on the next flight to Britain. :D

  3. do these commandments count if you are going abroad to India? excluding the part about taking photos with white people - since I am american shall I just insert "take photo with Indian person" and will that person not care that I am there? :)

  4. These commandments are for show offs ;)

    I think Indians make good I am sure the Indian will care.

  5. Totally agree with u on Indian monuments!

  6. "vaat, vaat saar? I dont know this Qutub-minar saareee. Eez eet next to the Liberty aaf staachoo? bee-kaaj I have been there you know?"

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  9. I think that you may be surprised to see me post here but I just had to tell you that India was/is an amazing place! The people were kinder to me than even you said they would be. Mysore is beautiful and I think you are lucky to call it home. Anyway I'm still on India time I think because I'm very sleepy & it is barely 4pm. I am sorry we couldn't have that coffee although I did try to email you from a cyber cafe called The Hang Out but got no response. I loved being there and missed you very much. Maybe someday......