Saturday, 18 June 2011

Just HIT!

* Working the weekend

* Not going home when I want to unwind the most.

* Ass-kissers at work taking all the credit to my work.

* Laptop having one new problem to the already growing list every week. And its my sole source of entertainment lately.

* People really getting on my nerves with the "You did wrong!"s.

* And I am venting my anger by picking up fights with foul-mouthed guys at the toll booth and the loser who lost my favourite pen.

I can turn green and swell any moment and turn into the Hulk.

I need to chill. Iceman...just HIT!

Hang-In-There. This too shall pass.


Anusha said...

Damn the fool who lost your pen !!

Rebecca said...
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Iceman said...

The fool needs a bunch of five to teach him a good lesson. Damn company policy!

CRD said...

My laptop lies to me like a bitch. She tells me her battery is 70 per cent full, but goes to sleep the second I pull out the charger.

Nice blog. Blogrollin ya.


Iceman said...

Thnx CRD. Expect me to return the favour very soon.