Monday, 6 June 2011

None the Visor

I tripped while climbing the stairs on my way upto my house last Thursday, fell and broke the visor of my helmet. Was wondering if this 'little' incident was gonna haunt me for a few days to come, like it always does with me, because The universe seems to be ever so busy in cooking up innovative ways to give me headaches through seemingly irrelevant problems.

But as always I decided to not to let this incident bother me too much, that I would get it replaced as soon as possible once I returned home for the weekend. And again as always, I was busy during the first part of the Saturday and couldn't get it fixed.

Again, I decided to ignore the split visor, I mean how hard can it be? What can it possibly do?

Night ride to the betta
It started falling down on to the front every 2 seconds. And since its a dark visor, I had trouble watching the road as soon as it fell down. It once fell when I was overtaking a car and it was a total blackout there. All I could see was a little red tail lamp thankfully, so I managed to move back into the line behind it. After that I realized that I should drive slowly and carefully. Better safe than sorry.

Morning ride to work
My hometown and work-town are three hours apart. Under bright sunny day, there shouldn't be a problem with the visor. Or that's what I thought. Since the visor is split in half and the bolts are holding em on the helmet separately, they kinda dangle a little further down than usual. This creates a gap/opening at the top. So there is a ribbon of sunlight that gets through the helmet onto my face.

I told myself, 'See? A little sunlight, that's good. See the positive side.' and I rode for the next three hours humming my favourite songs starting with 'Nothing else matters - Metallica'.

After I reached office and was making my way upto my floor and to my cubicle, every single person, starting with the security guard to the colleagues seemed to wanna take a second look at me. I thought that it was either because of the ruffled hair which is usual after the ride or maybe I was looking very cute today ( Hey, you can never lose hope man!).

When I reached the rest room and looked in the mirror, I finally realized the 3 hours of sunlight had created a peculiar tan on my face starting from my right temple, over my eyes, ending at my left temple, making me look like frikkin' raccoon!

Damn you Universe!

One of the architects even christened me 'Robin hood'.

I officially declare war on The universe, thus giving rise to the term 'Starting a losing battle'.


  1. I came back to your blog this morning, I know I said I would not but what are you gonna do? I am once again laughing out loud alone in this room, did anyone get a photo? Oh and did you get the visor fixed? you made my day G, keep writing & I will keep reading.

  2. I have to know, why didn't you take the helmet off when you headed up the stairs? May I join your army in your war against the universe? I too am having that kind of week and it is just Monday! should have asked these things in the first post ;)

  3. Thnx Becky. And welcome back. You shouldn't stop reading!

    I had taken off the helmet, it was in my hand. It broke my fall and itself ;)

    I can't let you join the army. Its gonna be gruesome :D

  4. hmm...see how I am? I just figured you would do what I would & not take the helmet off. I am sorry for thinking you were as odd as I am, I hate to carry stuff up stairs so I would have left it on! happy to know your just a little bit more normal & the helmet broke, not you

  5. haha..Awesome..
    You should have posted a pic..well..Raccoon is quiet impressive one...but then again.. times it kinda messes up.
    Need a good decoding.

  6. I think if I had a good cam at hand, I would have clicked a picture and put it on FB at least. If not here.

    Thankfully, most people didn't notice it for the rest of the day.

  7. Hahahahaha these FML situations, they find us whereever we go!

  8. Especially when I am expecting something good! FML!!

  9. Yen madakkagalla, ella hane baraha :D

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  11. Hope that pun was intentional, cause its good.