Sunday, 26 June 2011

When is the party happening?


The most logical of decisions when you want to buy something so badly but can't make up your mind whether you want it or need it. Should you go splashing your hard earned money? Is life really worth it only when spent living for someone else?

Will there ever be one of those days when you don't have to compromise? Where you can take a little wild step to the left and another wilder step to the right and get off course on purpose?

Life can be such a bitch sometimes. Along with the big, really important things, it makes you wait for a long time for the simple things that you wanted all the while. Then it gives it to you for a while or makes you think you have it and then suddenly takes it all away. Its like having a really really good dream, but to be woken up by a room-mate to find out you are back in the real world in the middle of the rat race all over again.

Who is it 'saving' anyway?

It is the one reason why we always compromise most of our desires, in hope of a better, stable tomorrow and unfortunately, tomorrow never dies and it never comes.


  1. Hmmm. Yenu madakkagalla. Just have to suck up to it and try to find our way to happiness. First step would be to stop worrying. :-)

  2. Savings???? Doesn't ring a bell...Are u talking about one of those mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects?? :D

  3. Yeah. Don't worry with your weekly Himalayan treks, I expect you to be in my boat.

  4. yeah Life is a bitch. Period. Even when things are going great, well more than just great there will be this one other aspect of life that starts spiraling down to rock bottom!

  5. Boat???...Cant afford it right now :D