Sunday, 17 July 2011

No dumbass it ain't really sexual discrimination

Remember this pic that ran around on line sometime back?

I think people are grossly mistaken. The phenomenon of uneven reactions between girls and boys is not really sexual discrimination, but actually the way God has actually made us.Though both are constantly under a rose-painted illusion, they are very different illusions.

Let me demonstrate with the example of three attention whores (and I mean that in the most unoffensive way) - Guy, Girl 1 and Girl 2. [And if you are expecting me to narrate a love triangle, you are watching way too many hindi movies.]

Scene 1

Girl 1: Ooh la la...I'm femme fatale. I GOTTA upload this photo.

*Uploads photo*

Girl 2: OMG! She looks like a whore. What has she added like 200 kilos? But let me ego massage her, I need her to like MY pic later.


*Girl 2 comments - Super like darling! Looking gorgeous. Luv you loads...muah muah :* :* *
*Girl 1 comments- Love you too sweet heart. Miss you hun. muah muah :* :* *

Guy (stalking in the sidelines): Huh! Fuckin lesbos!!

Horny guy (raps): Oh new picture by my crush #23. If I like her pic, she might totally fall for me.


*Horny guy comments - Hey, beautiful pic :) ♥  *
*Girl 1: Hey! Thank you sooo much*

Horny guy: Oh I'm good at this. I've got her hook, line and sinker!

Within 10 minutes 14 Girl 2 replicas and 17 Horny guy replicas have liked Girl 1's new pic.


10 minutes later, Girl 1 likes Girl 2's newly uploaded pic and process starts from the beginning.


 Scene 2

Guy: I look so sexy in this photo. Let me upload it.

*Uploads photo*

Girl 2: Hmmm, that's an okay looking photo. But I don't think I should like it, he will think I am too easy.

Girl 1: Hey that's a nice photo, let me like it.



Five years later, guy has ruined his life in pursuit of Girl 1 and has now taken up drinking cheap local rum bought from stolen money.



So you see guys, we think with our dicks. One of the reasons why the ugliest girls in my account gets 20 likes minimum on her profile pic while the most handsome guys get a maximum of 5. Next time you see that happening, don't cry out that it's discrimination. Its all for your own good. Its saving you from turning into a drunk!

That reminds me, I have to change my picture! Kav is in the frame and she is attracting way too many guys and I don't swing both ways.


  1. Hmmm.. the last time you changed ur pic, it took me by surprise. eager to see ur next pic :P
    And related to post, to me it seems, every one posts comments for attention :)

  2. It is so much easier to do all the "Liking" from behind a computer. Back in our teenage, we had to have guts to display any signs of liking or disliking. Now its all a click away.

  3. waiting to see how this gets adapted to google+ :P

  4. @Anush Yes. If your comment got any more diplomatic, Kofi Annan will be kissing your feet.

    @Chin I have heard its quite good. But I haven't had the time to explore it. I feel its more sort of a more elaborate twitter. Is it so?

    Twitter is like my biggest addiction right now.

  5. FB should respell 'like' as 'lick'...or mebbe be more blatant and spell it as 'ass-lick'


  6. Histrionic personality disorder :D

  7. haha! That might be true. I heard S sent A a snapshot of her home page of FB where she had put a status message which was liked by 25 other ppl and asked A why he hasn't liked it! :O :P. That's ridiculous right? (Will reveal who are S and A in chat :P). So if ppl start judging others cause of some stupid social networking site, god (Facebook) save the human relationships! :P

  8. And I was wonder why?!! :).. good one..

  9. @Pooja That is so ironic

    @Kav S and A...hmmm! Why can't I figure out who this is? I'm more interested in what the status was. The new trend is to post "Completed 1 year at Bharath Mata Garage" and that becomes such a big deal. Like as if it comes as a really big surprise he didn't get fired after 2 weeks.

  10. Ironic?? why??? It's just a polite way of putting it...

  11. just filling the missing "in" in my previous comment..!!

  12. And that said, we all love some ego massaging, dont we? :)

  13. @Madhu
    Havin an OCD for grammatical errors from typos, I get you bruh!

    Yep, ego massaging is like a drug. At the end of the day nothing like a glass of pure home grown ego massaging.

  14. Non-arrogant. Good looking. Hmmm...

    I need to take a look and analyze the situation myself so that I can write about the exceptional scenarios :D