Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Test fail!

Absolutely shocked by the decision to draw the third test by India in the Caribbean. The number one test team in the world. They had to prove a point to their detractors that they deserved the place. They had to prove a point to England before their upcoming tour to the country, after all it was the English team that said they are the real number one.

Shameful. Very shameful. From a side which had 7 wickets in hand that included some WC winning players. Seems like test cricket is back to the dark ages of the drawn matches.


  1. Aww cmon. Don't be so harsh on the poor chaps. They did a certain Mr.Sunil Gavaskar proud.


  2. I usually refrain from making a negative opinion because I am not the one playing out there, but this was disastrous. A decision that lacked cojones!