Saturday, 6 August 2011

Frand-sip day

Frandsip, frendsip, frensip. can so many get it wrong? One in every two "deep and meaningful but true lines" forwards are messages about friendship.

Presenting: The day people get really really touchy feely. (Blech!)

Anyway, the diabolical genius that I am, my brain has devised a way to take advantage of the day..

I am going in search of all girls with hot pictures on their profiles on-line and then send them all a request saying

"Hey wil u mak frandsip wit me?" with infinite number of question marks, period and exclamatory marks because girls sooo dig that (Either that or your keyboard-challenged).

Can you imagine what I would have to send if there was a 'love' day? ;)
"Hey wil u mak..." Oh you get the joke.

Given the attachment that people seem to have over "friendship's day", they can't refuse the request.

*Evil Evil laugh*

Too much work at office. Its getting to me. Sigh!


  1. Dunno about love day, But there's a Bubble bath day ;)
    Gimme Five :D

  2. I wonder whose joke your readers found more objectionable? Mine or yours :O ..Guess I should start with my own list of apologies...Lets begin with u :P I am sorry Mr.Insane that your job sucks...Your turn! :-/

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. is that an apology? Or how is that YOUR apology? =)

    Apology not accepted. Another round of drinks bartender, its on the lady trying to apologies.

    But yeah I guess my job does suck. So do a lot of other things in my life. (Don't worry I won't crack a totally inappropriate joke about my "wife".)

  5. So much just for trying to get you to repeat my apology? And u want to drink on that O_o

    You are not alone my friend. If my job could suck more, The earth would be a black-hole by now.

    P.S - And since I'm broke, we'll have to settle for stealing liquor off my dad's cabinet. U game? :P

  6. Im sorry Poo your job sucks!

    Okay? Now just loot that liquor already Bonnie!