Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy Engineers day - September 15th

A doctor heals lives,                            
A soldier protects lives,                           
An engineer makes those lives worth living.

Happy Engineers day to all the engineers out there.

(Let us see how many of you get the name of the guy in the picture wrong.)


  1. Happy Engineer is a mere fantasy,any defiance by real persons,living or dead,must be assumed purely coincidental :P

    I hope sir Visvesvaraya won't mind it...;)

  2. I mean Sir M vishweshwaraiah. :-) (Respect!)

  3. lol @ the cartoon. So are you going to tell us who the cool old dude is or do we have to guess? Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya? I googled (aka cheated) of course, so don't ask me to pronounce it. I'm no engineer, but I have an affinity for old photos, especially of old dudes, being a History major and everything... yeah, it's a real boys' club.

  4. PS: I just changed your link to reflect your new domain name. I'm sorry, I really fell behind with blogging and I didn't notice until I saw the bright red ".ORG" on your sidebar, haha.

  5. @Rohan @Kav and @Ashley
    Correct on all counts :) I was hoping the missing 'Mysooru Peta' (His signatory turban) would mislead all. Clearly you three weren't.

    Yep, but I guess its a day to remember an Engineers contribution to society rather than saying its a 'Happy Engineers' day

    Yeah, he was one cool old dude and I have heard if you cheat on a question, you are more likely to remember it.

    Thanks for changing the link, clearly marking it RED is working ;) I hardly been 2 weeks since I shifted to the new domain, so I guess you haven't fallen so far behind after all.