Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Untameable wild spirit

I'm the wild stallion you couldn't chase,
I'm the speedy legs who didn't run your race,
I'm the dark horse you couldn't tame,
Where the heart should be, there's a raging flame

The rules of your game fail to bind me down,
Not for success nor failure I wish to be renown,
And though I might be leaving much to chance,
All I care for is a carefree prance.

Yet, I wouldn't mind if you don't remember my name,
I wouldn't bat an eyelid for a shot at fame,
I do ask to be left to be free,
A sunny afternoon and the cool shade of a tree.

A world where I have nowhere to be,
no duties to fulfil, nor the burden of responsibility,
no time constraints, no attire to obey,
just me, a little colour and the entire day.

A world where I am allowed to listen to a song,
from beginning to end, without interruption,
where strings and beats can overload my senses,
a world without borders and fences.

I don't want your religion, I don't want your God,
I don't want your country, territory or safe abode,
Your colour, race, culture, ethics and way to be,
because clearly you are all way too blind to see.


Anonymous said...

Nice one :) wats the significance of the picture?

Iceman said...

The chains are the rules of the society or the pressure of the peers, etc,.
It is binding the wild spirit which is finally breaking free.

Anonymous said...

the second picture made the whole poem stronger :)

Iceman said...

Thank you :)

Pooja said...


Rohan Shedage said...

Loved it...keep shining ur wild spirit!!!!

Iceman said...

@Poo \m/ Yo!

@Rohan Will do so.. :) Thanks!

Rohit said...

Yay Guru! One more year. We'll start living life on our terms again! TOP SECRET! ;)

Kavya said...

Kya baat, Kya baat, kya baaaaaaat!! :-D :)

Iceman said...

@Rohit *Wink* *Wink*

@Kav Yay!! Acchi baat hain ki aap idhar tak padhare hain.

Anusha said...

Brilliant. Somehow reminds me of the movie, 'Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmarron'

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: thank your for your post and the rest. you know..

Iceman said...


Iceman says: Bots are getting funnier.

I might have thought of that too while writing this poem. Though I watched that movie way too long ago and don't even remember a bit of it.

Ashley said...

I feel the same way. Fuck worth ethic. Fuck your name and your title and your salary. Fuck loyalty to an employer who would choose the bottom line over you any day. We've all seen how life went for earlier generations - maybe they gave their youth to some company who threw them away when they were all used up. Maybe their precious pension got ripped away months before retirement. Honestly, people wouldn't have to work so hard if they just realized they don't need even a quarter of the shit they buy. You don't need that inefficient beast of a McMansion - every kid doesn't need their own room, that's why they make bunk beds. Frugality = freedom. Save save save, and as soon as you can, get the fuck out of your job. Just leave before it kills your spirit. That's just my two cents ;)

Iceman said...

Even though I wrote this in a much broader sense, thats a very valid point made as long as financial independence is concerned. People have this over-spending trend, running after pleasures not required. Mainly driven by the "I am what I am" attitude and the desire to be called cooler than your peers, or to post pictures on the internet when in fact your are just ruining a stable future.

Why do you need a an aluminium-alloy bicycle when a normal one never refuses to carry you all the same? People who can't give an answer to questions like this just sum it up as "I really wanted one".

Save your penny people, it will shelter, clothe and feed you when you are 70.

Namratha said...

Genius creation Mr.Iceman Wordsworth!

I can't decide whether your poetry is your USP or the humour :)

Prmk said...

The freedom which we may never obtain!!

Iceman said...

Jasthi aythu...but Thank you :D

There there now. Don't lose heart ;)

Kalyan said...

lovely poignant lines...nicely crafted words!

Iceman said...

Thanks a lot Kalyan :)

Anonymous said...

:) !! Just d Way I wanna Live!! :) its ecstatic to see someone out there has words for things on your Mind!! Luv this Piece f master piece buddy :)

Anonymous said...

:) !! Just d Way I wanna Live!! :) its ecstatic to see someone out there has words for things on your Mind!! Luv this Piece f master piece buddy :)

Iceman said...

^ @Anon
Thank you :)