Thursday, 6 October 2011

Man's best friend

I had seen this picture very very long ago in an email. Supposedly of an abandoned dog. I would like to find out more about this story someday. Until then I decided to share this picture and this poem(found it on fb), which I have NOT written.

"Woof!" I said as you started the car,
"Hooray!" I said, it's my first time afar.
The scents we were passing were all new to me,
For it was my first introduction to this mystery.
As we got out of the car I embraced you with joy,
After all you remembered to bring my favourite toy!
You threw it once or twice, of which I retrieved,
But on the third it seemed you were ready to leave.
You threw it long and hard and I chased it like lightning,
But when I turned to bring it back I saw a sight quite frightening.
I gripped my toy hard as I tried to comprehend
What it was I did wrong to make our relationship end.
You walked back to your car as I sat there still loyal.
Why am I subservient and you so royal?
Your engine started, and you peeled out into the night,
You didn't even care about my overwhelming fright.
As I sat in my pose determined you would come back,
The sun faded behind me while the surroundings turned black.
Day after day I stayed in that park,
Lying... waiting... too feeble to bark.
As I lay there dying thinking of you master,
I asked myself how I got into this horrifying disaster.
With my last breath of life, I whispered your name
Then I collapsed in a heap overrun by pain.
Why didn't you love me master? Why didn't you care?
Had I no significance, was I just a clump of hair?
I stayed there master and I waited for you
I guess taking care of me was just too much to do.
I'm gone now master, no more You-and-I
But what I can't figure out is why you didn't even say goodbye...

If you are the kind who liked this post or if you are a dog/animal lover or simple a movie lover you might want to watch "Hachiko - A dog's story" if you haven't already. Not for the squishy hearted :D


  1. Not that i have seen the movie, but the poem is every different from the plot of 'Hachiko' right ?

  2. Yes, its different. I just suggested it in the same post cause dog lovers would be interested.

    Its based on a true story people.

  3. That's a sad little poem :( If you're looking for the origins of that photo and its story, I suggest

    Have you seen Marley & Me? I know it's corny but the end gets me every time. I grew up with both cats and dogs in my life and it is so difficult knowing you'll have to see your beloved pets die one day.

  4. The pic is so old and popular, I seriously doubt that will help. Besides, cooked up stories would have flooded the internet by now.

    Yes I have watched Marley & Me. I feel the ending is abrupt and sad too. I think they made a prequel to it?

  5. it's very sad and made me cry - don't think I will be watching the movie you mentioned.

  6. Yes..I would advice you against watching it too.

  7. Nice post...the picture sends out a deep message...and Hachiko is an awesome movie for dog-lovers like me :)