Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nothing else matters

No I didn't go to the concert. I'm not here to write an ego-centric rant about how awesome a day I had at Palace grounds on 31st. In fact, I'm here to write an ego-centric rant about how I didn't have an awesome day on 31st at the Palace grounds! Which means you don't have beat yourself up about how my life rocks more than yours.                                                                                              

It must have been May when Metallica first announced that they are gonna be touring India. I was online when they posted it on their FB page. I didn't waste a second in logging in to the site that was handling the ticketing. I even almost logged into my bank account in my excitement. That's when I realised I should probably figure out who I'm going with. Which eventually led to the realisation that in all these years, I had barely heard anyone express their appreciation of the music that Metallica had made. So I guess I would be forcing people to go to the concert of a band they were never really interested in.

FML I thought as I closed the site and decided to get on with my usual boring life.

Fast forward 6 months..half the people I know have been to the concert and back while Im sitting on my laptop and sketching comics. Now thats an FML moment for you!

CrazyKav: Im going to Metallica concert now
Iceman: Why are you talking to me?
CrazyKav: Shut up bitch

All jokes apart, I don't see it as a big deal except for the curious case of shifting ironies, where there is nothing that stands still for a single moment.

"Some days you are the priest, and some days you are the altar boy."