Thursday, 1 December 2011

Did I just kill my blog?

Im still wondering when I must or not. My friends say not yet and I agree, but if I were to, do you have any suggestions for the name?

And trust me, this is not the kind of thing people do when they ask for suggestions and you rack your brains to come with an impressive answer and in the end they consider none of it just so that they dont have to credit the name to you. If you idea is good, I will consider it. I was thinking of:
1) Homo Sheepians (Title of the first comic)
2) Asylumos
3) Ding!


In other news,

I royally hate the 3g stick I am using to connect to the internet from my room. It belongs to my roommate and boy is it slow.

In order to get consistent access to the net, I have to keep the door open. But if I keep the door open a friendly neighbourhood grasshoper seems to be adamant as hell to get indoors and lo, 75% of my time with a good connection is spent in keeping the insect out of the house.

By time I get one simply project going on my netbook, I think I would be more equipped with the Class Insecta in the linnaeus classification than any other geeky stuff on the planet.



I keep wondering if I totally killed my blog by taking to comics? Because everytime I see something funny, I think of it as something I could write a comic on.



You know that stage of life? Where you are very confused about the future and...yeah well most of you guys follow me on --> twitter. Well its back!

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