Monday, 30 January 2012

Pratichee Bachalet

Okay so here is a summary of my last friday night,

1) I invented a girlfriend

2) I teased someone I had just met for "exploring" her lesbian side

3) Silently, watched my generous host for the evening get in trouble for all the noise, on our behalf

4) Someone sarcastically called me cute only a few million times, because I wore that shirt again

5) Proved how terrible I am with dumb charades, because they wouldn't take my word for it

6) I called another person a weak frail monkey

7) Someone reminded my how I was their monkey. Sorry I don't have the blog link to show you what that means.

8) I think the right hand of Jesus was sitting on my left shoulder, because I could turn plain water into Tequila

9) Pratichee Bachalet has all the necessary sounds to pronounce "Bachelorette party"

10) Oh Prachi, how can anyone hate you?
Tumhari meri baatein..hamesha yu hin..

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Viva la internet

The internet is not just a technology. It is not just a network. It's an organism. It has a soul and an Untameable wild spirit. You can’t stop it, control it or censor it. The internet belongs to everyone and it belongs to no one. The internet knows everything. It knows where you been, what or who you been doing. What you have been watching and when you have been naughty.

It has the largest repository of open and free knowledge. You are nearly ten times smarter and thirty times more knowledgeable than your parents because of the internet.

To cast a filter over the internet is like digging your own grave. Think about it. Embrace!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A lot in common?

When I found the pic on the left, I knew it was similar to something I had grown up reading and just couldn't wait till I put em side by side