Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sleepless nights

What comes of these countless nights,
Spent lavishly swimming in the world of my dreams,
to come out of it and think of the same woman outright,
for a thousand mornings or a million it seems?

I remember her eyes, twinkling brown,
chime of her jewellery, laughter resonate in my heart,
the end of which seems to echo on and on,
because I am unwilling to hear the end of it.

If just one soul would simply relate,
when I opined about what I felt,
as I couldn't keep still like a mute inanimate,
but nobody really felt the way I felt.

Oh so many sleepless nights its caused,
Love. Tis the sweetest pain,
Yet it causes hurt in moments past,
when you win your love and then lose her again.


  1. Thou art on a roll Mr.Poet!

  2. on behalf of all the weak kneed,moonstruck women9 February 2012 at 20:31


    I BRING you with reverent hands
    The books of my numberless dreams
    White woman that passion has worn
    I bring you my passionate rhyme.
    W b Yeats

  3. Thanks Poo, Mohan and Weak kneed and moonstruck ;)

  4. makes me hope someday I find a love like that, you write what most of us touched my soul & heart

  5. Thanks Beck :) Glad you felt that way!