Monday, 30 April 2012

The Avengers - Go watch!

*Not a review*

I had to watch this movie two nights in a row. The first time in a good multiplex - Cinepolis and the second time in a bad "multiplex" - DRC. That's when I realized how badly DRC sucks. The 3d was so good in the first theatre. The first 3d movie I had watched was Chota Chetan in a theatre called Woodlands and the 3D effects for it back in the 90s was way better than watching it at DRC, Mysore.

I have no idea why I agreed to be dragged to it for the second night in a row, I was either intoxicated or I had liked the movie the first time or I liked the company - or all three!

Anyway, the movie is awesome. I only went to watch because I am a big fan of Iron man, Robert Downey Jr and The Hulk. I guess a lot of people are, which is why the directors have focused on their roles and they bloody well stole the show (and I say that with a British accent, so it must be true).

Remember Loki from Thor (2011)? Well he is the villain here and he wants to take over earth with the help of an army made of creatures from other dimensions. He is gonna do this by opening a portal to those other dimensions with the help of the Tesseract from Asgard.

I was not very sure of how much I would really enjoy "The Avengers" franchise, but now I'm convinced. 

Mark Ruffalo becomes the third person(after Eric Bana and Edward Norton) to play The incredible hulk and a very convincing at that. Very convincing as Bruce Banner, very convincing as The hulk (well, lets leave that to the graphics shall we?). Very convincing over all.

Some dialogues (no spoilers):

Tony Stark: Dr. Banner, your work is unparalleled. And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster.

Bruce Banner: Thanks.

Thor: You will not talk about Loki like that, he is an Asgardian and he's my brother
Natasha Romanoff: He killed 80 people in 2 days
Thor: He's adopted


Tony Stark: No offence, but I don't play well with others.
Steve Rogers: Big man, in a suit of armour... take that away, what are you?
Tony Stark: Uh... genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist... 


*Okay FINE! This was a review - sorta*

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Five most beautiful women

Okay I was asked to make a list of the most 'Lovely' women in the world by my friend "Crazy Lab lady". I took out the lovely and made it - The most beautiful. You are gonna see why you don't question a poet's taste.

Based on not just skin deep beauty, but also on soul, charisma, character and the way they carry themselves, my list of the most beautiful women is as follows -

5. Vaijayanthi Mala

Yesteryears actress. Timeless.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

Couldn't find big size, good quality pics of this damsel from Wales. All the wallpapers I found had a more sexual appeal side than the beautiful woman angle to them. So I just put these two together. If your imagination can't convince you, go watch some of her movies - The mask of Zorro, Entraptment, The Terminal etc,.

 3. Sushmita Sen

Former miss Universe. Lovely soul. A voice to die for and the eyes to kill for.

2. Nafisa Ali
Picture. Watch. Rub your eyes. Then watch again. This lady has added two units of "stunning" for every unit of "age" she has aged.

1. Grace Kelly
Oh Grace. I will not say anything about her. Click on the picture, watch the bigger picture. Look into those eyes and the lips, spend a few days, finding a flaw on her, then tell me you didn't fall in love.

My friend also has made a list. But, she doesn't believe in making a list of beautiful women, so I guess we will have to settle for "5 Lovely women" as she calls this list. These are not necessarily in the order of loveliness as she has not specified that yet.

1. Audrey Hepburn

2. Nandita Das

3. Jackie Kennedy

4. Princess Diana "Lady Di"

5. Sushmita Sen

Wonder of wonders. Guess who made it to both our lists? Btw, Salma Hayek missed both our lists by a whisker. We are trying to find that whisker.


Do you have a list? Let us know in the comments!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mission Impossible: Fail scene

They (producers of the movie)  claim they recreated all the sets for Indian sets in the USA itself because it wouldn't be easy to shoot in India. The first scene which starts at the entrance of a hotel in Mumbai is not to tough to believe that it is just a set but then, during the chase for the server, when Jeremy Renner runs around looking for the power switch, this is what we see:

Kannada signs in Mumbai server room? Somebody get a shot of Valium for Raj Thackeray please.

Unless they are trying to say that the power switch for a server room in Mumbai was located somewhere in Karnataka and Jeremy Renner ran all the way in 3 mins, I'm guessing this is a fail from the huge production house known for its precision ;)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

An orchid blooms

To remain unfulfilled are all poets' dreams,
to mesmerize they flow, his words in teary streams,
dismissed by reality to a wanton exile,
yet, he holds his audience in rhythmic beguile.

I was once a poet, who longed to see a flower,
an exotic orchid that bloomed at the nightly hour,
when I did find her, she asked me to go away,
"I shall never bloom, not for you in anyway."

I have returned to my shed with a limp and some wear and tear,
The woods have been unforgiving, no mercy, no spare,
traveled the Western Ghats and the never ending plains,
Because the voice I heard was worth the pain.

And now the orchid finally blooms when I'm asleep,
Sends her fragrance over raging rivers and rocky steeps,
Like I always had felt, she says she now feels,
Alas, I'm far too deep in my sleep.

Far too deep in my sleep

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Strange but true

Great lines:
1) All dabba SMS forwards have two lines in the body, the first being an unwanted line, followed by a completely nonsensical second line.
2) And then they all eat a banana!
Strange but true. Good night. Sweet dreams.

 You know that feeling when you are having a soul to soul conversation on the SMS and now you are waiting for a very important reply to a very important question and your friend seems to be taking forever, so you decide to go to the kitchen and have a very quick glass of water and when you are doing that - "Tink" the ringtone for the text sounds and you run and dive onto the bed catch hold of the cell and scramble to read the answer and then you see that its one of those "Touching/Great/Lovely" lines in a forward from someone who is in your address book but you can't really remember who it is?

 Those kind of forwards make Gerard Butler very angry. That's when he makes some animal love to his wife and heads for war with the sender.
"This is for that Forwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard"

Yes, I'm gonna sample only four of those forwards here, particularly, the three most wonderful Shakespearean quotes that I have received, feel free to mention the ones you have received.

Here goes -

Great lines said by Shakespeare:
 Don't trusted the believed one,
And don't believed the trusted one.

I am totally trusted that Shakespeare will believed this and quoted like this wonly.


Shakespeare says:
Its not necessary to share everything between true friends.
But it is necessary that what you share must be true.

Turn to Shaky when you are wondering if its okay to lie to your friends.


I always "happy"
You know why? Because I dont expected anything from anyone!!
Expectations always hurt.

Shakespeare will roll over in his grave three times if he hears about this,

1) Because, they decided to change his name to - Sheiksphere. Probably because, when they tossed a rich sheik out of a human canon straight into the Stratosphere, during the grand opening ceremony of the world's tallest building in 2011, they found his trajectory to be poetic and just as dramatic as Shakespeare's legendary marvels..

2) Because, they think he used double quotes on the first lines, implying he was actually being sarcastic when he said - I always "happy"

3) "Oh no my grammar teacher keeel me"


Get out of office and get a girlfriend.
Narayan Murthy (Infosys founder.)

This is particularly disturbing, because his mail to the whole Infosys foundation was over 300 words long and went pretty viral. The mail was about staying late at work and how its an unhealthy practice. Somewhere in between he mentions this and the SMS crackpots jumped onto it and turned it into a forward.

"OMG, until now, the thought had never crossed my mind, but if the Infosys founder has said it, maybe I MUST get a girlfriend? Murthy Maama...lets hit the road."


 And now, just for the kicks, my contribution to the SMS world. Something I had sent out years ago on the now inactive SMS group - 

SMS is a funny thing bro, because you can type any shit you want and attribute the quote to anyone.
Mahatma Gandhi.