Sunday, 29 April 2012

Five most beautiful women

Okay I was asked to make a list of the most 'Lovely' women in the world by my friend "Crazy Lab lady". I took out the lovely and made it - The most beautiful. You are gonna see why you don't question a poet's taste.

Based on not just skin deep beauty, but also on soul, charisma, character and the way they carry themselves, my list of the most beautiful women is as follows -

5. Vaijayanthi Mala

Yesteryears actress. Timeless.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

Couldn't find big size, good quality pics of this damsel from Wales. All the wallpapers I found had a more sexual appeal side than the beautiful woman angle to them. So I just put these two together. If your imagination can't convince you, go watch some of her movies - The mask of Zorro, Entraptment, The Terminal etc,.

 3. Sushmita Sen

Former miss Universe. Lovely soul. A voice to die for and the eyes to kill for.

2. Nafisa Ali
Picture. Watch. Rub your eyes. Then watch again. This lady has added two units of "stunning" for every unit of "age" she has aged.

1. Grace Kelly
Oh Grace. I will not say anything about her. Click on the picture, watch the bigger picture. Look into those eyes and the lips, spend a few days, finding a flaw on her, then tell me you didn't fall in love.

My friend also has made a list. But, she doesn't believe in making a list of beautiful women, so I guess we will have to settle for "5 Lovely women" as she calls this list. These are not necessarily in the order of loveliness as she has not specified that yet.

1. Audrey Hepburn

2. Nandita Das

3. Jackie Kennedy

4. Princess Diana "Lady Di"

5. Sushmita Sen

Wonder of wonders. Guess who made it to both our lists? Btw, Salma Hayek missed both our lists by a whisker. We are trying to find that whisker.


Do you have a list? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Ha ha. I know who made the 2nd list :D

  2. Yes, it was either my tweet or Nandita Das that gave it away. I'm going with Das.

    But wait, does that mean you don't know who made the first list? :D

  3. Goosie bumps,stop acting smart and hand in your list.:)

  4. Pooh bear,stop acting smart and hand in your list.chop chop.

  5. Can i make it a hotmale list ? :P

  6. Only if that is preceded by a list of 5 beauties.

  7. In alphabetical order - Audrey Hepburn, Kajol, Kate Winslet, Madhubala ,Madhuri Dixit.

  8. crazy lab lady1 May 2012 at 00:48

    Nice pooh bear.Though from your reviews of johannson's ass,i think you need therapy.

  9. My mom. Then, now, tomorrow (She can give Madhubala, Nutan and Nargis run for their money!)
    Meena Kumari (Enigmatic. Haunting)
    Liz Taylor (Violet eyes. Remember the scene in Cleopatra where she comes to Rome to meet Caeser?)
    Halle berry (Nice smile. Nice walk. Nice hair)
    Rossana Podesta (Could easily have been the real Helen of Troy!)
    Nafisa Ali (You said it!)

  10. Sorry no family/friends/relatives/girlfriend ;)
    That way we would all have very few places left in the top 5 for women of the world we don't have a bias towards. But good, you mentioned 6 women, though I have met your mum and she IS gorgeous.

    Good list. Hi5!

  11. In no specific order :- Nandita Das, Madhubala, Wahida Rehman, Zeenat Aman, Meena Kumari...omg 5 is not even fair...

  12. Hehehe...Yeah I know! You were long time no see. Nice list!

  13. Yep..glad u remember me :)