Saturday, 14 April 2012

An orchid blooms

To remain unfulfilled are all poets' dreams,
to mesmerize they flow, his words in teary streams,
dismissed by reality to a wanton exile,
yet, he holds his audience in rhythmic beguile.

I was once a poet, who longed to see a flower,
an exotic orchid that bloomed at the nightly hour,
when I did find her, she asked me to go away,
"I shall never bloom, not for you in anyway."

I have returned to my shed with a limp and some wear and tear,
The woods have been unforgiving, no mercy, no spare,
traveled the Western Ghats and the never ending plains,
Because the voice I heard was worth the pain.

And now the orchid finally blooms when I'm asleep,
Sends her fragrance over raging rivers and rocky steeps,
Like I always had felt, she says she now feels,
Alas, I'm far too deep in my sleep.

Far too deep in my sleep


Mooseman said...

thoroughly Enjoyed it! :)

Shilpa said...

Loooved It:)

Iceman said...

Thank you :)

Anusha said...

Nice touch, with the pic in the end...

Iceman said...

Yeah. Its a nice pic. Wonder where this place is.

Pooja said...


Iceman said...

Thank you Pooooo

namnam said...

sublime.hope its ireland.

Rebecca said...

took me to a place I go every night in my dreams...a coffee place that in my dreams ends far differently than the's an incredible piece )0(

Iceman said...

Thank you. Why are you 'hoping' its Ireland? :D Why not hope there is a place like that in Mysore?

How does the coffee shop end in the dreams?