Sunday, 29 July 2012

Culture politics

There is a problem with this country. A problem that has been brewing, slowly and steadily. And this problem is not gonna go away easily, because that problem has been nurtured among us. It has penetrated its slimy tentacles and imbibed itself into our so called society, if it can still be called that - society. Isn't a society a place where people live socially and behave like civilized humans?

There are elements at play. Elements that claim they are doing a religious duty, of morally policing the "misguided youth", to correct them, to teach them to dress appropriately, to never go around with a person of the opposite gender. And all this is done by harassing and mercilessly beating up helpless boys and girls. All in the name of culture.

Someone should ask these neanderthals:
Is beating up each other, even young school/college boys and girls a part of our culture? Who taught you how to behave? Did a stranger have to come and beat you up for it?

If a guy decides to put his arms around his girl, if a girl wants to dress up like a slut and walk the streets, if a bunch of kids want to have an all night booze party then its their decision. Its a decision. Its not a decision that broke a law, put you or anyone else in harm. If at all there is any harm, its for themselves and if so, they shall repent. And if they do repent, so will their parents, who obviously took a wrong step somewhere.

This country doesn't need a Taliban. It doesn't need messengers of Hindutva neither does it need the caretakers of our culture.

Culture was what evolved from millions of thinking minds over thousands of generations. If its changing, then its following its own free flowing course.

You know why this country has a problem? Because any guy who can't get laid, has a problem with a guy who can. Because any woman who wasn't allowed to peek out of the window while growing up, has a problem with a girl who can roam the streets. Because every single person, who doesn't think on their own shoulders, blindly follow these rowdies if they say it was done in the name of "saving our culture" or in the name of religion. Because any Xenophobic, forever-alone, self-hating, hypocrite can be a celebrated hero if he/she says the right things. These elements are leading us in the direction of another Afghanistan/Waziristan.

If this goes on, the day is not far away when this army of zombies are gamed into thinking that its okay to rape a girl in the name of saving our culture, because she was misbehaving. Trust me, that day is not far away at all.

I might not like it if the new generation if full of self-centered, slutty, shameless, coke-sniffing, never-sober, disease infested people. But I doesn't mean I will not tolerate them. As long as they keep to themselves, it is none of my business.

We need a revolution alright. But a revolution where we focus on correcting ourselves instead.

Are you worried that your son or daughter will be one of them? Then do us all a favour, don't be an asshole, just - BE A GOOD PARENT!

Sincerely yours,
A believer

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Life in two cities

Two beautiful cities. Two beautiful lives.
What connects the two, is a wonderful bike ride.
One gives me my bread and butter,
while the other has my family, friends and a soulful lover.

Pretty people everywhere and not a friend to be seen,
in the city covered with smoke, but still so green.
The other is full of friends at every step,
Every time, best 48 hours that's ever been.

In one life, I earn my dreams I ever dreamed,
in the other, I dream to earn, like I ever earned.
One life built the man I am now,
while the other life was built by the man I already was,

Two beautiful cities. Two beautiful lives.
Both connected by an enchanting ride.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cosmic romance

I have been waiting. Patiently.
Because, it was written. 14 billion years ago. 

I have been waiting for her ever since we were just star dust as she was waiting for me. I don't know how many suns were born and destroyed over and over again to ensure the ensuing gravitational dance would bring us together and finally, here we are, in this solar system, in the only known life bearing planet.

I wonder what all forms we had to take just so that our star dusts could come together and finally turn into the molecules that now make our bodies.

If she was the star, I was her planet.
If she was a planet, I was her moon.
If she was the moon then I was her tide.

From mere star dusts who once fell in love,
billions of years ago,
from millions of miles apart,
made a silent promise to each other,
to be together one day,
and waited for this to happen while gazing at the stars,
we are now here on the dirt of this earth and
as a bead of my sweat rolls down her shoulder,
I hear her whisper my name and I feel that breath on my cheek.

I know,
this cosmic romance has reached its more interesting point.