Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cosmic romance

I have been waiting. Patiently.
Because, it was written. 14 billion years ago. 

I have been waiting for her ever since we were just star dust as she was waiting for me. I don't know how many suns were born and destroyed over and over again to ensure the ensuing gravitational dance would bring us together and finally, here we are, in this solar system, in the only known life bearing planet.

I wonder what all forms we had to take just so that our star dusts could come together and finally turn into the molecules that now make our bodies.

If she was the star, I was her planet.
If she was a planet, I was her moon.
If she was the moon then I was her tide.

From mere star dusts who once fell in love,
billions of years ago,
from millions of miles apart,
made a silent promise to each other,
to be together one day,
and waited for this to happen while gazing at the stars,
we are now here on the dirt of this earth and
as a bead of my sweat rolls down her shoulder,
I hear her whisper my name and I feel that breath on my cheek.

I know,
this cosmic romance has reached its more interesting point.