Sunday, 22 July 2012

Life in two cities

Two beautiful cities. Two beautiful lives.
What connects the two, is a wonderful bike ride.
One gives me my bread and butter,
while the other has my family, friends and a soulful lover.

Pretty people everywhere and not a friend to be seen,
in the city covered with smoke, but still so green.
The other is full of friends at every step,
Every time, best 48 hours that's ever been.

In one life, I earn my dreams I ever dreamed,
in the other, I dream to earn, like I ever earned.
One life built the man I am now,
while the other life was built by the man I already was,

Two beautiful cities. Two beautiful lives.
Both connected by an enchanting ride.


Rohan Shedage said...

I believe one city is Bangalore..which one is another???

So much to romance...alas...I hate my hometown...

Iceman said...

Mysore :)

Pooja said...

Must be a Dickens of a ride! \m/

Iceman said...

Have a feeling next one will be to remember ;)

mohana said...

Yes, don't want to leave Mysore. But, need to.
Beautiful Mysore. Have never met a Mysorean who can say otherwise.

v said...

Love it! Its beautiful! :) If I were to choose any other city than bangalore, it would be mysore, no doubt.

Iceman said...

@Mohan Yep. Love both cities, but the heart stays in Mysore

@V Thanks. So you have been to Mysore?

Ganesh Prasad Eswar Kolekar said...

Mysore for million reasons, it's the everyday story of every Mysorean working in Bangalore or far off places. Heart beating at Mysore and brain working at Bangalore.