Sunday, 11 November 2012


It's pretty quiet on my blog roll for the past few months. Nobody seems to have anything much to say. Honestly speaking, its been like that for almost 2 years. And anybody who does have anything to say are kids who have discovered blogs and have the most inflated opinions on the most boring topics, expressed in painfully elaborate notes. The general consensus when I was in the middle of my BE was that blogging was dead. Seems a bit like that now. Read old post (with a weird spam comment) now! Also I wonder how many of you will actually read this, since I'm not really gonna post its link anywhere.

It's been quiet from my end too. But trust me, I have only been quiet because I have been busy as a beaver on speed and a pretty happy, contented one at that.

Break the streak, I must. Soon, I will. Until then, let the force help you live long and prosper.


Anusha said...

Some of us still go back to the Blogger dashboard to find out whats up :)

Iceman said...

Good that you do! Thank you.

Rashmi said...

Good to reconnect though, as always :)For old times sake may be.

Iceman said...

Yup :)
Thanks for dropping by after such a long time.

Rebecca said...

I came back today and read it - I may be reading more again. I missed this too

all i feel, all i think ! said...

I was thinking the same this morning if people anymore have patience to read at least 10-15 sentences or everybody prefers a FB post with a pic!

Looking at my blog after 8 months,I landed in yours!Missed for a long time!

Iceman said...

@Rebecca and All I feel
Damn seeing this now or maybe I had forgotten to reply.

Hope both of you keep coming back to read.

@All I feel,
Maybe time to update blog? :)