Friday, 24 May 2013

Rahul Dravid - Please don't retire

Dravid has a tendency to announce retirements after awesome peaks followed by a few slight lows.

ODI career - Yes, India gave a poor show at the world cup, but India had won matches in rows before that, under his captaincy.

Test career - He had come off one of his best years and then a slump of few matches.

And just in case he follows trends, - Now IPL - Never seen captaincy like this. King maker. Got the best out of the rookies. But lost in the eliminator.

Rahul Dravid, sorry the script didn't come through at your first best shot, but this is where you don't retire and put the peddle to the metal and get the cup next year. Please?

You get the cup, Indian cricket gets the cup. #FuckFixing


And thus the fears have come true. Dravid did announce his retirement :|


  1. Mister Dependable...

    He is the reason why Cricket is called Gentleman's game...*respect*

  2. Amidst controversies and scams, Rahul Dravid is one cricketer's name that continues to be spoken with respect.