Tuesday, 10 June 2014


How beautiful you are as sit in the yonder
I marvel at the resplendence and wonder
how many eons did the almighty take
how many lifetimes, to such beauty make

How many hours have I peered into that bewitching face,
to find a shadow of his mistake, amidst that grace
Where do the curves on your eyebrows, begin and end?
from where did such a musical perfection descend?

It would be punishing to see you wear a frown
or a hint of last night's sorrow drowned
in even a single tear down the skin flown
yet hidden today behind a cheerful tone

I need no more answers, I've witnessed the most beautiful dawn
I've no more dreams, I've seen your charm
I wish for the gift of soothing music, to pour
and immortally describe, with justice, your allure


  1. You are back and how!! Love it! Looooove it!

  2. @Anon1 Is that you V? Thank you :)

    @Anon2 Sure. Done :D

  3. Sigh. I wish someone wrote stuff like that for me.

    Your best one yet. :)

  4. I went through this and then through some of your older work. Your stuff is like a mind-expanding drug. I'm going to be reading this and a few other poems over and over and over again. Please keep writing :)

    Your blog posts are hilarious too.

  5. If I were a girl i'd be swooning . :)

  6. I never knew what 'Pulchritude' meant. Now, we have your poem to describe it.

  7. Thanks Anuchaaaaaaaaaaaaaa